Introducing the Heart Soul & Art World Class Reiki Mastery Program

Presented in Partnership with Soul Wisdom, Intl

We have partnered with Sandy Beauford-Muhammad of Soul Wisdom, Intl. to bring you the Heart Soul and Art World Class Reiki Mastery Program. This World Class program features over 35 years of intensive training in the areas of Wholistic Health and Wellness to include the study of body systems, the functioning of organs, disease and its origins, mind/body/spirit cohesion, quantum physics and Much More! We honor all forms of Reiki, however, this training focuses on the traditional Reiki Ryoho Method as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui himself beginning in 1922. When Dr. Usui began teaching Reiki in Aoyama, Tokyo, it was forbidden to be shared with anyone outside of a very select few. We are grateful to share with you this Sacred and Profound Art.

Discover Our World Class Mastery Reiki Program

  • Do you feel the calling to awaken an inner feeling that you are a healer? 
  • Have you attended or wondered about the typical 3-class Reiki programs that barely scratch the surface of this ancient art?
  • Did you join a Reiki Class, get your certifications, and never create a business or use it again?
  • Do you long for a transformative Reiki journey that goes beyond mere techniques and immerses you in the true living essence of Reiki?
  • Did you lose the dream of building a successful Reiki Practice because you no longer had support after your certifications?
  • Are you seeking a way of positive living that can clear the clutter in your life, transform your being, and even become a part of an existing spiritual business?

Reiki Can Assist with All of This!

Look no further, because this World Class Reiki Program is here to revolutionize your understanding and practice of this extraordinary healing modality.  This program is not a quick fix of 3 one-day classes that abandon you the day the last class is over.  Nor will you walk away wishing you had more time to perfect your craft.

Our esteemed Reiki Teachers and Healing Arts Experts will provide you with the most advanced teachings, backed by years of experience and a deep connection to the Reiki lineage.

  • You’ll dive deep into the history, philosophy, and energetic principles of Reiki.
  • You’ll gain a profound understanding of its origins and the wisdom it holds.
  • We will move you beyond the theoretical knowledge of Reiki.
  • You will learn to embody the essence of Reiki in your everyday life. 
  • You’ll engage in extensive monthly hands-on practice, mediation, and energy exercises.
  • You’ll practice developing your intuitive connection with universal life force energy.
  • You’ll learn about all kinds of spiritual tools, techniques, and spiritual connections. 
  • You’ll also learn techniques for self-healing and self-empowerment, enabling you to become a beacon of light not just for others but also for yourself.

One of the core pillars of this World Class Reiki Program is self-care.

We believe that to become a true Reiki practitioner, you must cultivate a deep sense of inner harmony and balance in your life whether you choose to become a professional Reiki practitioner or teacher.

In addition to your personal growth, this World Class Reiki Program is designed to equip you with:

  • Skills and confidence to build and open a successful professional Reiki Practice.
  • Develop and execute your business and marketing plan
  • Learn how to attract clients and create a nurturing healing space. 
  • Guide you to create a thriving Reiki business to share your gifts and create abundance.
When you enroll in this World Class Reiki Program, you join a vibrant community of like-
minded individuals who will share your passion for Reiki.

This is not your typical 3 one-day Reiki Class program.

Our World Class Reiki Program is an extraordinary journey that will forever transform your life.

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Our Reiki Training Includes Three Levels and
Curriculums with Certification

Curriculum One Includes

Master Business Practitioner Certification Program

Level 1:  Discover the Healing Energy Within (2-day Course)

 In this foundational course you will learn:

  • To harness the universal life force energy and channel it through your hands
  • Gain the ability to heal yourself, your pets, plants and family
  • Learn to balance energy flow, and restore harmony to mind, body, and spirit.

With Level 1, you’ll receive Level 1 Attunements which lay the groundwork for a lifetime of spiritual growth and personal transformation. Once you receive the activation of Reiki, you can immediately begin to work with yourself, friends and your family.

Level 2: Powering-up your life-force energy and embracing the Art of Distance Healing and Healing of Others as a Business (2-day Course + 6-month practice coaching and mentoring.)

  • Elevate your Reiki practice to new heights with our Level 2 Certification. 
  • Delve deeper into the realms of energy healing as you uncover the secrets of distance healing and absentee healing. 
  • Learn sacred symbols and techniques that amplify your healing abilities beyond physical presence.
  • Whether you aspire to heal loved ones from afar or offer your gifts to a broader community, Level 2 will empower you with advanced skills and expand your impact as you develop to become a Reiki practitioner.
  • Learn how to balance and protect yourself energetically while providing service to others
With Level 2, you’ll receive Level 2 Attunements and the first three sacred symbols. You will learn how to activate these symbols in your everyday life, in the lives of your family and your clients.  Once you receive your Level 2 Reiki Certification, you can immediately begin helping your family and others as a well-trained and certified Reiki Practitioner.


Level 3: Attain Mastery as a Reiki Master Business Practitioner (2-day Course + join in the Level 1, 6-month practice and mentoring building your business practice)

  • Become a beacon of light and lead others on their healing journeys with our Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner Certification. 
  • This prestigious certification represents the pinnacle of your Reiki training, equipping you with the wisdom, knowledge, and skillset to open a successful Reiki business practice. 
  • Deepen your connection to the universal life force energy, access the highest frequencies of healing, and step into your full potential as a Reiki Master, fostering profound transformations in yourself and those around you.
  • You’ll be guided on developing your business model and marketing with 4 business development sessions.
What you get in this Mastery Training:
  • Full Certification at Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Attunement at the Master Level and Sacred Symbol
  • Complete Reiki Manual and Reference material
  • All legal documents and customer intake forms
  • 6 days of in-class Expert training and practice 
  • Plus 6 monthly hands on practice trainings
  • Plus 4 monthly business development trainings
  • Business development Manual and Marketing Guide
  • Discounts on Chakra and Reiki tools and products


Master Business Practitioner includes Certifications in Level 1, 2 & 3

Levels 1, 2 & 3 certify you as a Master Business Practitioner who is ready to open a business practice serving clients or continue serving your existing clients with additional Professional Life-Changing Services to Offer

Total Investment for Reiki 1, 2 & 3 Certifications

$2500 ($500 deposit for Reiki 1 plus 5-monthly payments of $400) Or Pay in full $2150 (Save $350)

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