What’s Your Spiritual GPS?

GPS is the term for Global Positioning System and is made up of satellites, ground stations, and receivers. It’s basically a system and once the receiver calculates its distance from four or more satellites, it knows exactly where you are.

Have you ever thought about where your spiritual thoughts, messages and insights come from in our grand universe? Have you ever thought about where insight comes from when you need assistance or as some say, “Finding yourself?”

If you believe in angels, divine provenance, guides from the other side, spirits, a God source, Akashic records and much more; you may be in the zone of receiving from spiritual satellites and transmitters.

Here’s a unique way to think of your Spiritual GPS as you receive messages and insight that guides you along in your journey of life.

G represents “God Source.” Imagine that whatever your universal source of spiritual belief is based on for example; God, Divine Spirit, Allah, Master, Lord, Buddha, or whatever you choose, is your central satellite of information in the spiritual solar system. It guides your first signs or insight. It’s the motherload of information. Sometimes we forget that regardless of the where the information comes from there is a “oneness” of connection and the God source reminds us of our unlimited ability to ask and receive. The first step in tuning in to your GPS is just asking and being open to receive the information.

P represents “Prophets.” If you seek information in developing your spiritual self, then the profits will appear. Sometimes they come in the form of a teacher, a student, an experience or an event that shifts your outlook on life and living. Often when you are ready to learn about the magic of your spiritual self you become the homing device for attracting the right information at the right time. You don’t always need a prophet to receive a personalized directive. Once you open your mind to believing in prophetic messages that show up in your day, your ability to receive will expand.

S represents “Signs” Occasionally you may need to reset your spiritual GPS so you can see the earthbound signs that come your way. Open your eyes – hundreds of signs surround you every day that are signals to build your confidence, calm your fears, stir your faith in yourself and expand your spiritual energy so you can experience your best year ever. They can come in the form of a book, a song, a billboard, words of a stranger or a synergistic event.

Start right now. Turn on your Spiritual GPS and tune your heart and soul to receive the signals of the Universe to guide you in your earthbound journey.

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