The Empath at Work

Yes, I’m an Empath.

It’s been a life-long journey of self-discovery, awakening and learning how to manage my energetic sanity in a current world of increasing spiritual vibrations, world chaos and political discord.

An empath is a person who experiences what other people are emotionally experiencing as they experience it. Basically, you are feeling other people’s emotions all the time. For some it’s manageable and for others it can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially in the work environment.

Blessed with not only empathetic abilities I‘m also psychic and possess a genetic skill of synesthesia. Many people who are empathic are also synesthetic which means their senses are co-mingled and they see numbers as colors or shapes, sounds as images or can even feel or smell color.

It took a long time for me to acknowledge and accept my abilities and learn how to manage my birthright skills. I resisted the knowledge that I was actually blessed instead of being cursed. For the first 37-years of my life I thought something was wrong with me. I knew I was different but didn’t know how to manage my energy in order to thrive, not only in life, but in work. I felt tortured by egotistic narcissists because I had not yet learned how to block their ability to energy-suck from everyone – especially empaths.

Over the years, and with practice, I have learned how to put my innate abilities to work to succeed in any business environment, whether it’s your own business or a corporate setting.

The most common ability in highly sensitive, emotional people is being an empath. Do you feel energetically bombarded at work and tend to burn-out easily. Does your work environment feel heavy the moment you walk in the door? Do you feel like co-workers who are not as smart, competent, or as dedicated as you are easily promoted upward while you toil away in everyday frustration going nowhere?

This can become a miserable and desperate experience causing you to feel that you are in the wrong job or just not able to tolerate the chaotic energy that surrounds you.

There’s good news. There is a way to cope and I’ve combined my best experiences and success in the business world to help you figure out who you are, how to thrive and turn your sensitivity into strength in the workplace. Most importantly you must learn to “protect” your empathic energy in the workplace and only allow your feelings to empower you.

You can learn how to center yourself without feeling too much or becoming overloaded. The first step is to acknowledge that you are an empath and be willing to set boundaries for yourself.

Then Follow these 5 steps:

Explore Yourself and Your Soul
Who are you? What are you at a soul level? Working harder is not the answer. You must have a plan. Do research about empaths, take a class on energy work, and talk to others who are empaths. Be willing to be open minded and learn how to bring your soul to work. You are not a victim of your sensitivity. Stop making excuses. With discipline and used right, empathy will give you an advantage and an opportunity to succeed in many areas of your work life.

Learn to Disconnect
Being around people can be draining. Give yourself time to periodically be alone to recharge. Get away from the energy. You cannot take everything personally. You must step away from caring – you must learn to discern. Discernment is detaching from emotions in decisions or situations or interactions with others. Step back. See the fact of a situation for what it is and pull your emotional attachment back into yourself. This takes practice and time but it can be very effective. Practicing this action daily can change you entire outlook about your career.

Begin with the End in Mind
Empaths who have not recognized or mastered their skills will tend to feel negative in the present. Rather than looking at and feeling obstacles as negative – look and feel them as a positive outcome. Focus on what you want to achieve at work in the future without becoming emotionally connected to what others are achieving. Practice The Law of Attraction, it does work.

It’s important to think about your daily action to shift from negative to positive thinking and feeling. Your empathic energy is either allowing positive or negative energy to enter your field of emotions. If you can see a positive outcome, you can feel a positive outcome. Remember, what you focus on expands. Learn to shift your perspective.

Be Proud and Accept Your Abilities.
Use your gift to do more good in the workplace. You can feel what others are feeling – use this skill to shift the energy by shifting your energy. Pay attention to emotional and soulful tones of meetings, co-workers, and business interactions. Be immediately observant of the feelings in a meeting room or your building. Also remember to pay attention to your feelings and make sure you are blocking any negative invasions. Use your abilities to be smarter, more proactive and ahead of everyone else with a non-attachment to the outcome.

You are an empath for a reason – to do good and to spread good in the world.

Serve Your Own Needs
Stop serving others at your own expense. You must take care of you first and re-charge your energy. You must be outdoors. It makes you stronger. Connect with nature. Take a walk on beach, in a park, the woods or alongside a river. It will help recapture your senses and gain a sense of peace in your hectic life. Connect with animals and drink in their unconditional love. Explore ways to enhance your Spiritual Source connection such as meditation, yoga, art, dance, poetry, hiking and many more activities. Connect to like-minded people and find your tribe of supporters.

I hope these few suggestions will jump-start you in developing a healthy, energetic foundation in your life as an empath.

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