Serenity - Intuitive Readings and Ancestor Connections

Coco is a Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Clairaudient, and Empath. She has exhibited intuitive abilities since childhood. She works with her Spiritual Guides, Ancestors, and Angels while using tarot, oracle, and a pendulum in her intuitive sessions. Coco helps her clients discover their life paths, face challenges, and give clarity in love, career, and finances.

Carla Ginsberg- Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing

Carla has dedicated her life to helping others. Using her intuitive gifts, she removes energy knots where emotional or physical pain is held, and provides intuitive readings on these obstacles. Carla has spent much of her life working on how to heal her physical pain, blockages, and panic attacks. These are matters she encountered in childhood, and has mastered the healing process by recognizing the connection through thoughts in the mind.