Join Sharron Ragan, Owner of Heart Soul & Art, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, and Mentor, in our Message Circle Group. If you are new to the entire “Spiritual” or “Consciousness Awareness” thing and interested in learning more about your spiritual connections, a message circle is a great way to start! The Message Circle is safe, friendly, and held in a contemporary group environment where you can come by yourself or with friends or family to ask a question, receive a message, or gain clarity.

The mission in these circles is to help you gain an answer, insight, or information that will serve you in creating more joy and abundance in your life. Attendees receive insight or suggestions that are spiritually guided by divine energy and holy consciousness. The circle begins with a brief group meditation for de-stressing the energy of the day, setting the energy for the evening. Everyone receives insight from either an angel, guide, holy spirit, ancestor or a passed loved one. So, if you’re ready for something more – come join us!