Me, Myself and I – Journeying into your Psychic Mind

Many of you will read this title and think, “I’m not psychic.”  Some of you will fear the word and visions of fortune tellers, prophets or mysterious personalities will cloud your thoughts and you’ll dismiss their validity altogether.

Most importantly, there will be those of you who are experiencing the desire to experiment being more open-minded and understand the value of exploring your psychic self.

I’m not suggesting that you must become a psychic to learn more about yourself. I am merely urging you to recognize that journeying into your inner psyche can be your breath of life and a catalyst for positive transformation.

The word psychic comes from the ancient Greek mythology of a beautiful mortal named ‘Psyche’ and means the soul, breath of life, or mind and was considered the spiritual part of a human as opposed to the physical. By diving into the spiritual part of our being it’s believed that we can develop the ability to see within our human soul or in more modern terms, our inner source of wisdom.

Can this connection of soul and mind awaken dormant knowledge or abilities and expand your success and happiness?  When you’re willing to accept that you have an awareness beyond your physical body and mind, your life will expand in ways you never expected.

One common story that many people internalize is the belief that they are not intuitive – and especially not psychic! They are afraid of others criticism and it stifles their willingness to take action cutting them off from being open-minded about their possible psychic wisdom. Plus, there are many religious institutions that criticize the development of the inner-self in any other way other than their religious process dictated by them. Yet, many people, religious or not are struggling with self-worth, challenges and yearning for a deeper inner-connection to their purpose in life.

From the day that we are born, we are soulful beings with a birthright of unlimited creativity and self-intuition. Unfortunately, negative experiences and criticism often causes us to disconnect from that essential part of ourselves.

One of the most suppressed aspects of ourselves is the relationship we have with our inner higher-self. We have become separated from our own being-ness, the powerful “I” of our selves. Too often we give our power of self to others and don’t listen to our best self.  Right now, the energy of the world is shifting, and we ALL are going through the process of re-awakening or re-connecting to our highest true-self.

So how do you use your inner psyche to open your mind of “Me, Myself and I” to new thoughts, beliefs and experiences connecting at a higher level with your true-self?

Make an Agreement with Yourself to be More Open-Minded and Action-Oriented

First and foremost, you must lower your minds resistance barrier. The mind wants to convince you as you embark on an inner quest that what you see, hear, think or feel is not real or you’re making it up. Do not censor the strong thoughts that will flow freely – they are coming from your own inner source that has been dormant. Respect your natural psyche source and your innate gut feelings.

I know how important this is.  25-years ago this happened to me. I was an aggressive and competitive marketing executive in a Fortune 500 company blinded by the desire to climb the corporate ladder. I was struggling with self-identity and purpose. Any conversation of personal transformation or tapping into my self-psyche would have been taboo impacting my career. I was shut down and unaware of anything related to “psychic phenomenon or inner-self-awareness.

In just one day, my life changed forever.

A friend suggested I have a consultation with a well-known and respected psychic for a reading of my past, present and future. Although skeptical, I went anyway. He suggested that I was living in an unconscious coma, unwilling to open my mind and allow my true self to emerge. He also revealed that I was destined to become a famous psychic.  Laughing all the way out the door I thought this guy was a nut! He looked at me and said, “Just wait and see.”

Sure enough, within a few weeks unusual things began to happen and I started opening my mind to new thoughts and experiences.

Today, twenty years later, I am living an amazing life of self-awareness, creativity, happiness and joy. Having been featured in the national media I have guided thousands of people in the same journey of awakening their mind-psyche.

Here’s how to begin tapping into your inner-psyche and open your mind.

  • Read psychic development books or listen to tapes about transformation
  • Go online or visit a Metaphysical Bookstore or Boutique for information
  • Enroll in a class of like-minded people who are seeking similar transformation
  • Sit/hike in the quite of nature and listen to your inner voice
  • Take a yoga or meditation class
  • Join a retreat that focuses on personal transformation
  • Write, daily your inner-feelings and desires
  • Join a meet-up group of your new interest
  • Take a class on oracles: tarot cards, runes, numerology, astrology or energy work
  • Don’t be afraid to consult with a psychic or intuitive professional
  • Take a creative class: painting, sculpting, writing, photography, acting, singing and more
  • Question your life desires and current situation – ask for insight

Don’t wait. Start now to integrate what you are learning and experiencing in your psychic journey with a new open mind and physical life. Once you have discovered what works for you such as your beliefs and self-truths and once you start applying them to your life, your relationships and your career – miracles will happen.

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